Fighting vehicle fires is inherently dangerous, but electric and hybrid vehicles pose additional challenges to responding crews.

As per NFPA guidelines and EV manufacturers’ Emergency Response Guides, firefighters are instructed to deliver copious amounts of water directly onto the battery case to prevent thermal runaway and aid in extinguishing the fire. But with the majority of EV batteries located underneath the vehicle, it’s extremely difficult and demanding on manpower to achieve using the nozzles currently available to the fire service.

The Turtle Fire System is engineered to operate safely, reliably, and effectively under a burning vehicle all while delivering 500+ GPM directly onto the battery cell.

Why the Turtle Fire System

The Turtle Fire System was founded in response to the growing concern of electric vehicle fires and the need for a safe and effective water delivery system. Its unique design and operation allows for applications beyond EV fires, such as internal combustion engine fires, cooling flammable liquid and fuel tanks, deep-seated fires, exposure protection, hazmat incidents, and more.


    Master stream capable of delivering 500+ GPM.


    Once deployed, the Turtle Fire System operates unmanned, reducing exposure to fire and harmful toxic gasses.


    Low-profile design easily deployed under a vehicle to deliver copious amounts of water directly onto an EV battery case.


    The Turtle is made in the USA of 100% welded American steel.


    Able to be assembled and deployed rapidly with minimal manpower.


    The Turtle Fire System enables departments to repurpose manpower and do more with less.

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