The Turtle Fire System featured on Arizona news outlets

Last month, Turtle Fire Systems Founder, Buddy Hayes, had the opportunity to travel to the Phoenix Metropolitan area to meet with local Valley fire departments. Gilbert Fire & Rescue, Glendale Fire Department, Scottsdale Fire Department, and others came together at the Tempe/APS Joint Fire Training Center on September 21 to participate in a demonstration of new tools available to the fire service for addressing electric vehicle fires. The Turtle Fire System EV nozzle and the Li-Fire Blanket were both included in the training exercise.

Hayes and Bricen Miller of Li-Fire Solutions were interviewed for this Arizona Family’s On Your Side feature. Both devices were also featured in a piece by ABC Arizona.

At the time of publication, Arizona ranks 8th for Electric Vehicle Registrations by State according to the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center. As electric vehicle sales continue to rise, so have the challenges faced by fire departments when they ignite. Traditional combustible engine vehicles burn at around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, electric vehicle fires involving their lithium-ion batteries can generate temperatures of nearly 4,900 degrees.

The Fire Training Center demonstration was timely, as Arizona fire departments are no strangers to the challenges posed by electric vehicles when their batteries catch fire. According to the Phoenix Fire Investigations Task Force August/September 2023 Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Investigations Report, there have been “a total of 50 fires investigated, where a lithium-ion battery fires was found in the area of origin.” 13 of these reported involved an electric vehicle.

Several of these Arizona incidents made the national headlines:
– February 24: Tesla catches fire twice after crash in Scottsdale
– May 2: Waymo electric vehicle caught fire at a warehouse in Phoenix
– June 23: Four electric semi-trucks caught fire at the Nikola Motor headquarters in Phoenix and one reignited a month later