Turtle Fire Systems sponsors NJ Fire & EMS Institute’s first Firefighter Health, Safety & Tactics Seminar

Turtle Fire Systems is proud to be a sponsor of NJ Fire & EMS Institute’s first Firefighter Health, Safety & Tactics Seminar on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Middlesex College PAC Theater in Edison, NJ.

As of this publication, tickets are still available for purchase via the NJ Fire & EMS Institute website.

In between the program, please stop by our table to speak with members of our team and see the Turtle Fire System on display.

The program consists of the following topics and will earn attendees 0.5 Technical CEU credits from the NJ Division of Fire Safety:

Best Practices for Preventing Firefighter Cancer
Instructed by Retired Fire Chief, President & CEO of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network Bryan Frieders

The 11 best practices for preventing firefighter cancer will be discussed in depth. The types of carcinogens found in the firehouse, on the fireground and during fire investigations with the methods of exposure and absorption rates members face, as well as the types of cancers that are caused by workplace exposure will be discussed and the best practices to minimize these exposures will be covered.

Rules of Engagement, Firefighting Tactics of NFPA 1700
Instructed by Captain Mike Daley from Fire Service Performance Concepts

Scientific research of today’s fireground has been thoroughly tested and studied by fire departments and several fire service research organizations and a new guide for structural firefighting called NFPA 1700 was released from these studies. Fire behavior and fire dynamics are topics that all firefighters and fire investigators must be currently educated on. The speed at which a fire grows today and the path that a fire takes throughout a building is impacted by all of our actions on the fireground. The terms air control, uni-directional and bi-directional flow paths and transitional fire attack are some of the topics that we need to completely understand in order to keep today’s members safe on the fireground.

Electric Vehicle & Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Hazards & Tactics
Instructed by Mike Abraham from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm & Explosives

Fires involving lithium-ion batteries, whether they are in a bicycle, vehicle or tool are becoming more frequent as technology moves forward. The hazards of these batteries need to be understood by firefighters, fire inspectors and fire investigators. The hazards of these batteries when they are involved in a fire need to be known and the current best practices in order to handle these emergencies will be discussed. Also, as more electric vehicles are mandated to be on the road during the next decade, incidents involving them will only increase. Additionally on the investigation side, the causes of lithium-ion battery fires will also be identified for conducting origin & cause investigations where a lithium-ion battery may have been involved.